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    A tribute to michel chalhoub, by patrick chalhoub

    Wed, Aug, 11, 2021

My father, Michel Chalhoub, passed away on the 30th of July in our family residence in South of France, surrounded by us, our love and particularly my mother’s love.

I want to thank many of you for your compassion, thoughts, testimonies and prayers which have been heartening during this time and I just want to say:

Thank you to my father, Michel Chalhoub.

Thank you for the love you have always given us. 

Thank you for your big heart and legendary generosity and kindness.

Thank you for teaching us courage, ethics and to be outspoken, following your example.

Thank you for instilling in us strong values which guide us.

Thank you for being a visionary who inspires us.

Thank you for being a respected leader who led us.

Thank you for your trust and for taking me by your side and teaching me so much.

Thank you for your relentless love for the Arabs and your love for France for which you have been honored.

Thank you for always listening to us and to your friends and people related to you, and always being there, advising and supporting all of us.

Thank you for always remaining humble and modest.

Thank you for having been an exceptional man and father. 

You will always be my role model, inspiring me and many others, every day. 

And thank you and a tribute to my mother, Widad! You were by his side for nearly 70 years with unconditional love and support. May God protect you and keep you among us.

Rest in Peace, Dad. With your grand children and our colleagues, we will continue building on and honoring your legacy and the work of your life.

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