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    Le groupe chalhoub se rapproche de son engagement 2030 zéro déchet en s’associant à enviroserve une installation de traitement des déchets électroniques.

    الإثنين, مايو, 08, 2023
Chalhoub Group, a leading partner for luxury across the Middle East has recently announced its partnership with Dubai's first and only E-Waste Processing Facility Enviroserve to increase their recycling rates at 60-80% for all categories of waste including plastics and paper in line with their 2030 goal of achieving Zero Waste to Landfill across their operations and adopting a more circular approach to their operations. Enviroserve will take care of collection, segregation, processing of all recycling categories across all their office and store operations in the UAE. This would also entail sharing expertise to build educational campaigns to encourage Chalhoub employees to recycle in office and at home through the Green Truck initiative. The companies will also be working closely together on extending these efforts to other countries in the region. “The partnership with Enviroserve will support us in achieving our common goal of diverting waste away from landfills, as part of our Planet pillar of our sustainability strategy. Not only will we increase our recycling volume but we will also widen the categories of waste we recycle, making sure it is managed well, recycled, processed, and converted back into raw material for production use to close the loop of circularity. It demonstrates the importance of partnership for goals, allowing us to reach our environmental objectives while aligning with the 2030 UAE vision and engaging our team members in the process through practical initiatives and education.”said Florence Bulte Chief Sustainability Officer, Chalhoub Group. “We fully support Chalhoub Group in leading this initiative through which we can inspire the community and other businesses of the importance of recycling and reusing items,” says Lyes Yahiaoui, CEO, Enviroserve. “From Enviroserve standpoint, we are delighted to help them in being more sustainable and environmentally friendly and make sure that the raw materials extracted after destruction are recycled/disposed of, properly protecting the environment – all at the same time.” Enviroserve is the largest global, multi-purpose, integrated electronic, specialized, and refrigerant reclaim recycling and processing facility in UAE. Enviroserve is certified with ISO 14001 – Environmental Management, ISO 9001 – Quality Management, BS OHSAS 18001-2007 – Occupational Health & Safety. It has also bagged many awards such as the UAE SME of the Year Award, UAE E-Waste Handler of the Year, and Dubai Industrial City Environmental and Sustainability Award, to name a few.
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