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    Chalhoub group publishes sustainability report 2023 further embedding environmental, social and governance strategy at the core of its business

    الخميس, مايو, 09, 2024
Focusing on three critical pillars of People, Partners, and Planet, the 2023 Sustainability Report details the Group’s advancements in its comprehensive Chalhoub Impact sustainability strategy, deepening the integration of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals across all levels of its operations. The report also underscores Chalhoub Group’s recognition as an Early Adopter by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) through the UNGC Forward Faster programme, highlighting the Group’s proactive approach to global sustainability standards

Chalhoub Group reports significant advancements in pay parity and gender equality, with women now representing over 32% of executive leadership and 30% in the Executive Committee, while conducting more than 8,800 training sessions in 2023, averaging 12.5 hours per team member.

Recognized as a Great Place to Work across all GCC region and India offices, the Group also reinforces its commitment to ethical partnerships and sustainability, securing sustainability-linked loans with leading UAE banks and launching the 'Unity for Change' consortium to reduce the retail industry's ecological footprint. Strengthening ethical relationships with suppliers through its Supplier Scorecard Programme and Third-Party Partner Code, the Group further supports sustainability integration efforts with the development of a comprehensive 38-page ESG guide. 

Additionally, Chalhoub Group demonstrates its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability by completing a detailed calculation of greenhouse gas emissions for 2021-2023, equipping regional warehouses with LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption by 10-20%, and sourcing 30% of energy in UAE headquarters from renewables. Moreover, the release of the 'Circular Fashion Potential in the GCC' report provides valuable insights into the re-commerce market for the benefit of the planet.

Patrick Chalhoub, Group President at Chalhoub Group commented: " As we reflect on the past year and set our sights on the future, it becomes increasingly evident that sustainability is imperative in today’s business landscape. The power of cross-industry collaboration and working towards shared objectives plays a significant role in driving meaningful change. The 'Unity For Change' consortium exemplifies this commitment to working as a collective unit to confront shared challenges, seek joint solutions and advance towards a sustainable and inclusive future for all.”

Florence Bulte, Chief Sustainability Officer at Chalhoub Group, reflected, "The year 2023 has been pivotal for Chalhoub Group, marking a period of system strengthening towards our sustainability commitments. It has been a year dedicated to building up and reinforcing both existing and new policies and processes. We also created partnerships and cultivated relationships to foster collaboration, aiming to accelerate our sustainability objectives and commitments. This foundational work sets the stage for the following year, which will be a year of stabilization. During this time, we will evaluate the adoption of policy changes and initiatives by our team, suppliers, and partners, ensuring that our sustainability efforts are deeply integrated and effectively implemented across the board."

To read the full report, click here.




For over six decades, Chalhoub Group has been a partner and creator of luxury experiences in the Middle East. The Group, in its endeavour to excel as a hybrid retailer, has reinforced its distribution and marketing services with a portfolio of eight owned brands and over 300 international brands in the luxury, beauty, fashion, and art de vivre categories. More recently, the Group expanded its expertise into new categories of luxury watches, jewellery, and eyewear.

Every step at Chalhoub Group is taken with the customer at heart. Be it constantly reinventing itself or focusing on innovation to provide luxury experiences at over 750+ experiential retail stores, online and through mobile apps, each touch point leads to delighting the customer. 

Today, Chalhoub Group stands for 15,000 skilled and talented professionals across eight countries, whose cohesive efforts have resulted in the Group being certified as a Great Place to Work® in several countries.

To keep the innovation journey going, the Group has set up “The Greenhouse”, which is not just an innovation hub, but also an incubator space and accelerator for start-ups and small businesses in the region and internationally. This is just one of the several initiatives taken by the Group to reinvent itself, catalysed by forward thinking and future proofing. The Group has also been embedding sustainability at the core of its business strategy with a clear commitment towards people, partners and the planet, and by being a member of the United Nations Global Compact Community and signatory of the Women's Empowerment Principles.


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