<span class="medium">sustainability</span> people 
<span class="medium">sustainability</span> people

sustainability people


At Chalhoub Group, we are committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across our operations for everyone to succeed together as One Team, One Culture.

  • Everyone is included, valued and respected, as we prioritise protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, customers, partners and communities.

    We specifically focus on enhancing Gender Balance and enabling the right working environment for People of Determination (PoDs). We drive talent growth and employment through innovative partnerships, initiatives and programmes to upskill and develop youth.

    • <p>Supporting youth&nbsp;<span class="light">EMPOWERMENT</span></p><p>&nbsp;</p>
    • Supporting youth EMPOWERMENT


      We are committed to supporting the region’s millennial and Gen Z population (16-40 years) through partnerships with universities, mentorships and traineeships. In 2022, more than 1020 of our people undertook 56 educational initiatives where they shared their knowledge and experience with students at career fairs, lectures and workshops, in partnership with leading educational and governmental institutions. Our Retail Internship Programme, providing an alternative route to quality employment, was our flagship initiative for 2022. We are also delighted to report that Chalhoub Retail Academy KSA was officially recognized as an accredited training center by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC). These innovative partnerships and initiatives are empowering the youth population accounting for 78% of the workforce, and attracting the best young talent to our Group.

    • Business case study with our partners, SciencesPo, Paris
      Business case study with our partners, SciencesPo, Paris

      We challenged SciencesPo students to propose a launch strategy in the GCC for one of our clean beauty brands focused on:

      • Creating awareness and demand
      • Targeted consumers and the key success factors
      • Commercial drive for success
      • Key marketing activities
      • PR strategy

      37 students participated in 3 sessions that were curated by 9 Chalhoub employees. Findings from the presentations supported business decisions and the winning students were given opportunities to engage with our HR teams on internship openings.

    • <p>Driving people <span class="light">GROWTH</span></p>
    • Driving people GROWTH

      We foster the talent that the future prosperity of our Group depends on by attracting nationals from local communities, driving learning development and trainings, and supporting innovative mindsets. Highlights in 2022 included participation in Ru’ya Careers UAE where we interacted with over 800 students, and the re-launch of our National Graduate Programme across 3 countries in the GCC. We also focused on Bold and Servant Leadership to drive learning, development and training for our existing talent. Bold Leadership ensures we align quality leadership to our Group strategy, and Servant Leadership a serve-first mindset, with a determined focus on those being served and, in the process, keeping them first. 2022 was an exciting year for empowering innovative mindsets as well, by opening our IBTIKAR Programme to external entrepreneurs for the first time with the launch of our Startup Studio. All these initiatives are ensuring we sustain the viability of our business, and are securing our status as a ‘Great Place to Work’ across the region.

    • Saudi Fashion Commission Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Chalhoub Group
      Saudi Fashion Commission Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Chalhoub Group

      In 2022 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Fashion Commission to explore opportunities and enhance cooperation with them. 


      The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) sets out a framework for the creation of leadership roles, furthering nationalization in the fashion retail sector, and securing commercial spaces for the display of work by Saudi designers. 


      It also provides training courses in the field of fashion and knowledge exchange of market 

      studies, contributing to the development of work carried out by both parties. 

      The agreement aligns with the objectives of the Fashion Commission to enhance collaboration within the fashion sector and to spearhead partnerships with institutions, entities and individuals around the world. 

      The objective is to empower and bolster investment in the Saudi fashion sector, develop its talents and promote the Kingdom’s fashion culture locally and internationally. 

    • <p>Creating the right environment for <span class="light">EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITY</span></p>
    • Creating the right environment for EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITY

      Diversity in our Group empowers us to deliver the extraordinary to our customers. In 2022, we focused our DE&I strategy on supporting women into leadership roles and making our infrastructure and culture more accessible and welcoming to People of Determination (PoDs). Our Women in Leadership Programme (WiL), consisting of learning, mentorship and coaching, addressed gender gaps in senior leadership roles. Two cohorts completed WiL training, and its effectiveness has enabled us to revise our pledge upwards to fill 30% of senior leadership roles with women by 2024 to 35%. Additionally, we celebrated the achievements of our female leaders with an event to mark Emirati Women’s Day. Also, to make our working environment more accessible to PoDs, we focused on redesigning our stores according to our PoD Playbook, our framework for inclusive space design. We complemented our accessibility enhancements by building a culture of inclusivity to PoDs through Group-wide awareness training on their lived experiences and American Sign Language courses. These contributions to creating the right environment of equitable opportunity are empowering us to inspire, exhilarate and delight all our customers.

    • Hearing loops

      In 2022, we began installing hearing induction loops across all our Dubai stores and offices. 

      To date, we have completed over 200 installations across the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar and we plan to roll out 400 additional loops in Egypt, KSA and Jordan by the end of 2023. This is improving accessibility to the hearing- impaired across our entire estate and is also helping us move one step closer to our PoD inclusivity commitment. 


    • Protecting Health, <span class="light">SAFETY &amp; WELLBEING</span>
    • Protecting Health, SAFETY & WELLBEING

      We take a holistic approach to safeguarding our people’s health, safety and wellbeing. In 2022, we began the development of a Group-wide Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management Framework which covers all areas of our business, including logistics, store and back-office operations. We support our people’s emotional wellbeing through initiatives providing physical, mental, financial, social and professional support, which we promoted through our Wellbeing Week in 8 countries. Our approach has yielded low rates of health and safety incidents, and a wellbeing score of 7.92, which have encouraged a positive culture, improved our people experience and increased engagement in a healthy work ecosystem and community.

    • Health, Safety and Environment Trainings
      Health, Safety and Environment Trainings

      In 2022, we developed focused trainings with improved presentation using animated videos and delivered them through Chalhoub University. This is aimed to help store consultants better understand the risks and hazards around their activities. A total of 2,600 hours of Safety training were provided. 

“We nurture Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by celebrating and capitalizing on our people’s differences and unique traits.”
Targets Scope 2020 2021 2022 Target Year % Achieved
Achieve Integrated Management System (IMS) for stores and offices Group-wide 0 0 0 2024 0 %
Increase women's representation in middle management (50%) Middle Management
44% 47% 48% 2023 96%
Increase GCC nationals representation within UAE (6.8%)*
*UAE target has been updated as per UAE government guidelines
UAE 22% 30% 31% 2024 88%
Increase the number of people supported by Chalhoub Impact
volunteering and philanthropic initiatives by 30% against 2021*
*Target baseline has been updated to 2021 due to early achievement
Group-wide 2.97% 3% 4.8% 2023 70%
Increase the number of volunteers by 30% against 2020 baseline Group-wide 38,398 78,566 87,798 2023 85%
  • GREAT PLACE to work

    Chalhoub Group is recognized as a Great Place to Work - Certified™ company in 7 countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt and India.
  • <span class="medium">GREAT </span> PLACE&nbsp;<span class="light">to work</span>
Chalhoub Group is recognized as a Great Place to Work - Certified™ company in 7 countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt and India.