<span class="medium">sustainability</span> people 
<span class="medium">sustainability</span> people

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At Chalhoub Group, our commitment is to champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) throughout our operations, building an environment where success is a collective journey—One Team, One Culture.

  • Everyone is included, valued and respected, as we prioritise protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, customers, partners and communities.

    We specifically focus on enhancing Gender Balance and enabling the right working environment for People of Determination (PoDs). We drive talent growth and employment through innovative partnerships, initiatives and programmes to upskill and develop youth.

    • <p><span class="light"></span></p><p>Nurturing and RETAINING TALENT</p>
    • Nurturing and RETAINING TALENT

      For Chalhoub Group’s success to be a collective journey, we nurture national talent, facilitate the growth of our workforce through education, development, and training, and encourage innovative thinking. This commitment extends into our Talent Management and Retention strategy, where transformative initiatives such as Chalhoub University and LeadForward, form the foundation for cultivating a dynamic, empowered and future-ready workforce.

    • Learning Pathways
      The launch of our Learning Pathways initiative was based on the new Skills Taxonomy approach for the People & Culture (P&C) Job family and Brand Trainers. Additional pathways were rolled out for departments like Legal, Compliance, Visual Merchandising, Finance & Treasury, and Procurement, ensuring all aspects of our business are  supported by highly skilled professionals, fostering growth and innovation.
    • LeadForward
      Our LeadForward Programme is strategically designed with three core objectives: Talent Identification, Talent Development, and Succession Planning. Your Potential’ event, the programme also included virtual ‘Expert Insights’ sessions and Growth Circles, fostering mutual learning and community among participants. Notably successful, the programme received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with an overall satisfaction rate of 92%.
    • Chalhoub University
      Chalhoub University pioneers the evolution of Learning and Development, breaking barriers of budget and geography through its five academies, learner-led culture, and subscriptionbased model. Simultaneously, LeadForward spearheads the cultivation of a high-performing leadership pipeline, offering an 18-month program fostering social learning, mindset transformation, and personalised growth experiences for a community of 200 leaders.
    • Diverse and Equitable Workplace<p><span class="light"></span></p>
    • Diverse and Equitable Workplace

      We focus on diversity and inclusion, achieving gender pay parity and advancing women's leadership. Our DE&I initiatives are highlighted by the launch of programmes aimed at increasing women's representation in leadership roles, empowering youth, and supporting People of Determination (PoD).

    • Youth Summit
      The One Young World 2023 Summit in Belfast saw active participation from our team members among global young leaders. Addressing critical issues like peace, climate change, food security, education, and mental health, they engaged in a robust agenda of speeches and workshops led by influential figures. Our team emerged empowered, joining the One Young World Ambassadors, poised to drive positive impact in their professional spheres and communities, leveraging insights and inspiration from this transformative four-day event.
    • Inclusion Etiquette
      The Inclusion Etiquette Training hosted by Al Noor fostered a deeper understanding and respect for people of determination. Participants, having been carefully chosen, joined the team from Al Noor Rehabilitation & Welfare Association for a one-hour session. There, they gained invaluable insights, practical knowledge, and essential skills which enabled them to interact more effectively and respectfully with individuals of determination. It was an enriching experience that contributed to widening the circles of inclusion within our community.
    • RAEDA Launched in KSA

      The launch event for RAEDA KSA in November 2023 marks a significant milestone in our journey towards building a gender-balanced and equitable workplace, challenging the status quo in the KSA socio-economic landscape. The programme launch was followed by the launch of RAEDA Module 1, developed in light of insights from women in middle management and women leaders. RAEDA, aims to drive the development and upskilling of women in our workforce, empowering them to become the future leaders of tomorrow. Targeting 152 women across Chalhoub Group, the program aligns with KSA Vision 2030’s theme of women empowerment, seeking to enhance women’s positioning in Saudi society.

    • Protecting Health and Safety<p><span class="light"></span></p>
    • Protecting Health and Safety

      Our comprehensive health and safety framework ensures a safe working environment through stringent risk controls, regular training, and robust safety protocols. This proactive approach has significantly reduced work-related injuries and enhanced the overall safety culture within the Group​.

    • Group-wide HSSE Management System
      In 2023, we strategically planned Group-wide HSSE management systems, unifying health and safety practices across all operating countries under one umbrella. Recognising that our logistics function faces the highest occupational health risk, we have carefully renewed our ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management certification to provide the best possible protection to our logistics team across the region.

    • People-centric Wellbeing Culture<span class="light"></span>
    • People-centric Wellbeing Culture

      In 2023, we zoomed in on our people’s wellbeing, experiences and their perception of Chalhoub Groups’ efforts to achieve diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion. Our strategic vision is shaping and facilitating the evolution of Chalhoub Group’s One Team, One Culture. This vision aims to create an engaging and healthy work environment. We want to enable and support our people to take ownership of their workplace experience.

“We nurture Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by celebrating and capitalizing on our people’s differences and unique traits.”
Targets Scope Baseline year Target Year % Achieved
Women representation in senior leadership roles (E1,2,3) Group-wide 2021 2030 32.79%
Human Rights Due Diligence of the value chain UAE 2025 2030 Determined in 2025
Human Rights Due Diligence of the value chain All Countries 2025 2030 Determined in 2025
  • GREAT PLACE to work

    Chalhoub Group is recognized as a Great Place to Work - Certified™ company in 8 countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan and India.
  • <span class="medium">GREAT </span> PLACE&nbsp;<span class="light">to work</span>
Chalhoub Group is recognized as a Great Place to Work - Certified™ company in 8 countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan and India.