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    Christofle pays tribute to the uae with a light show on the burj khalifa representing its specially curated piece of art, “the tree of life”

    Fri, May, 12, 2023
Christofle, the Parisian silversmith Maison owned by Chalhoub Group, paid tribute to the UAE’s “Year of the 50th” with a spectacular light show projection of its latest handcrafted “Tree of Life” masterpiece on December 15th. Specially crafted in celebration of Expo 2020 Dubai, this marvelous piece has now landed at the Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue and will be displayed until early 2022 following its appearance at Chalhoub Group’s temporary exhibition on “French art de Vivre, a Dream to Share” at the France Pavilion.

The “Tree of Life” was imagined by the artisans of La Maison Christofle in its workshops at the heart of the Yainville factory in Normandy, France. Measuring 2m high and weighing nearly 100kg, the masterpiece is the result of 700 hours of work, beautifully fusing the cultural influences of the East and the West.

Swarmed with butterflies, the silver gold, lacquered, and engraved tree artfully shapes into a globe whose roots originate in France, the home of Christofle. Branches and butterflies are symbolic of Christofle's transition from the past to the future and the connections of the continents as well as the influence and implantation of Christofle throughout the world. At its center, the globally recognised UAE landmark, Burj Khalifa, shaped and chiseled by hand, emerges like the desert flower from which its design was inspired.

Commenting on the magnificent light show that took place, Patrick Chalhoub, Group President, Chalhoub Group, said: “Christofle holds a very special place in our Group’s history. The beauty and elegance of French craftsmanship inspired my parents, Michel and Widad Chalhoub, and led to the opening of the first Christofle boutique in 1955 laying the foundation of our family business. Today, more than 65 years later, I feel extremely proud to see the Christofle light show being projected on the iconic Burj Khalifa, paying a tribute to the UAE “Year of the 50th” and re-iterating our commitment towards this nation.”

Since inception, La Maison Christofle has continuously marked universal exhibitions with its presence, and in 1851, Christofle was awarded the prize medal at the very first Universal Exhibition in London.

Maison Christofle uses entirely handmade manufacturing highlighting the rich know-how of French craftsmanship, while offering a look into how innovation is driving the future of luxury art de vivre. It is this irreplaceable know-how perpetuated by highly qualified craftsmen transmitted from teacher to student that constitutes the living heritage of Christofle.
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