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    Web3 sneaker label sol3mates launches first physical brand “sirocco”

    Wed, Dec, 13, 2023
Drops of “SIROCCO'' will be season-less and limited in quantity. The inaugural drop, fully made-to-order, is capped at 500 pairs of sneakers, priced at $340 each. The sneakers will be available in 2 colorways, ‘Blanc’ and ‘Noir’. 

The first drop is completed by two distinctive apparel pieces, designed by Kacimi Latamène, as a preview for his future SIROCCO apparel collection. 


A portion of the pre-order revenue, 5%, will be channeled back to the owners of a SOL3MATES NFT, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to its community. Owners of such SOL3MATES OG NFT will enjoy additional privileges - a discounted pre-order rate of 80$ along with free worldwide shipping. The pre-order window extends until the 10th of March, with deliveries scheduled early May 2024 onwards. 


Nick Vinckier, Director of Corporate Innovation at Chalhoub Group said: “Rooted in Dubai, SOL3MATES operates under Chalhoub Group, serving as a visionary platform for indie sneaker designers to bring their creative visions to fruition. The initiative breaks the mold of traditional sneaker brand collaborations by sharing ownership with the designers. The artists focus on their creative work and community, while SOL3MATES manages all other aspects. In this aspect, SOL3MATES is for designers what a record label is to music artists.” 


The “SIROCCO” sneaker silhouette, created by the French designer Kacimi Latamène, incorporates aesthetics that pay tribute to the designer’s muse, Zaha Hadid. The name SIROCCO refers to one of the eight Mediterranean winds that comes from the Sahara and can reach hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe, a tribute to the designer's origin. The silhouette gives the illusion of being in constant motion, even when still. 


Sneaker enthusiasts will find each pair equipped with an NFC-tag, facilitating ownership claim and authenticity verification. This feature renders each pair uniquely numbered and verified on the blockchain - paving the way for the future of authenticity and resale in the sneaker industry. Customers will also be immersed in an Augmented Reality (AR) experience as they unbox their shoes, adding a futuristic touch to the unboxing experience as well. 


Pre-ordering customers will be treated with a complimentary SOL3MATES Membership Pass (OG NFT), valued at $55, unlocking an array of community benefits ranging from discounts on future drops and free shipping, to monthly sneaker giveaways and exclusive event access.  


More drops of the new SIROCCO brand by Kacimi Latamène and SOL3MATES can be expected later in 2024, which follows the seasonless trend. The second drop will include presence at selected retailers around the world such as Level Shoes in Dubai, Gallery Mexico and Atmos Japan. 


Those who only want the digital version, can claim the free SIROCCO Decentraland wearable on the SIROCCO 1 website. 


SOL3MATES continues to shape the future of fashion by intertwining cutting-edge technology with luxury streetwear. Following the brand's successful community NFT launch earlier this year, the “SIROCCO 1” collection further cements SOL3MATES’ position at the forefront of the digital-physical fashion convergence. 


Discover and pre-order the collection at: SIROCCO1.XYZ  






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