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    Faces x counter culture store: transforming the regional beauty landscape with clean skincare and global marketplace innovation

    Tue, Jun, 06, 2023

Chalhoub Group is taking the lead in raising awareness on sustainability, skincare and clean beauty through a new collaboration between one of its own brands, FACES, and the Counter Culture Store, a health and beauty retailer passionate about sustainable and ethical brands.  


The strategic partnership between FACES and Counter Culture Store aims to propel the clean beauty movement in the region, particularly in the skincare segment, by offering safe, non-toxic products that are environmentally-sound. FACES will make the full range of brands available on Counter Culture’s UK platform accessible to customers in the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to discover and experience a diverse range of high-quality, eco-conscious beauty products. With a focus on addressing growing consumer concerns about the potentially harmful nature of traditional beauty products, this partnership seeks to bring clean beauty and wellness to the forefront of the international market through FACES, ultimately revolutionising the cosmetic landscape of the region. 


Through an unwavering commitment to education and awareness on sustainability, skincare, and clean beauty, Chalhoub Group is poised to drive the conversation forward and deliver positive change in the booming wellness sector. Recognising the growing demand for clean, ethical products among regional consumers, the Group sees a vital role for retailers in bringing sustainable brands to the market and opening up more consumer options. 


Patrice Brosson, Managing Director of FACES, said: "The clean beauty market has experienced remarkable growth as consumers are becoming more conscious of their skincare choices, seeking 'greener' and 'safer' products contribute to their overall wellness. We believe that local retailers and regional brands have a crucial role in shaping the future of clean beauty in the region. Through this collaboration, we are dedicated to bringing a diverse range of sustainable skincare and clean beauty products, empowering our consumers to make conscious choices that positively impact their lives and the environment. “ 


Counter Culture Store, accredited by Ethy, is renowned for championing female-led brands and curating the most effective eco-beauty products available. By constantly seeking out innovative companies that prioritise people and the planet over profit, they have cultivated a loyal following of conscious consumers. Their collaboration with Chalhoub Group’s FACES is a testament to the shared values and commitment to driving positive change in the beauty industry. 


In addition to Counter Culture, Chalhoub Group boasts a portfolio of clean beauty brands that includes Detox Market (also on FACES), La Bouche Rouge, and Pharmacie Monge.  

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