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    Christofle unveils “christofle x prince” cutting-edge wearable collection in roblox

    Mon, Jun, 19, 2023
Christofle, the Parisian Silversmith Maison since 1830, revealed its innovative collection of gaming wearables in partnership with Prince, a fashion brand by Boltable Studios, a leader in the design of virtual fashion and experiences in Roblox. Prince is one of the most popular fashion brands in Roblox and has sold over 24 million items on the platform.

The Christofle X PRINCE wearables are now live on Roblox, the leading global online gaming platform, featuring 58 item variations including three limited edition items which are unique in design, color, and texture, making them exclusive and highly coveted. The collection sold over 700 items within the first 24 hours of going live and Christofle promoted the launch with a free to claim limited edition that sold out in 1 second.

The collection is sold exclusively on Roblox and is also being showcased at the Liberty Airport game experience inside Christofle’s custom A380 aircraft. Recognising the significance of capturing the attention and loyalty of the Gen Z demographic, Christofle is establishing brand engagement by embracing the concept of 'art on the table' through a striking and contemporary method.

Acquired by Chalhoub Group in 2017, Christofle is known globally for its exceptional tableware, silver flatware and home accessories created with elegance, craftsmanship and know-how. With its entry into the metaverse in 2022 with its iconic MOOD collection, Christofle became the first luxury tableware brand worldwide to enter the Web 3.0 space and now continues its innovation journey with its exclusive Roblox wearables.

One of the very first French luxury brands to invest in Roblox, Christofle’s latest virtual collection reflects the brand’s commitment to and balance between heritage and modernity through 10 unique items. This includes a crown, silver sunglasses, three handbags, a set of bracelets / rivage cuffs, a set of pearl necklaces, a set of dresses, and high heeled shoes. All items are underpinned with Christofle’s iconic silver detailing and signature designs and in collaboration with Prince.

Commenting on the launch, Nick Vinckier, Head of Corporate Innovation at Chalhoub Group said: “At Chalhoub Group, we continuously strive to lead the way in innovation and collaborate with leading regional and global players that are committed to innovation and engaging with new generations. In addition to amplifying our luxury brands in the metaverse, our strategic partnership with Boltable Studio also enables us to expand our reach, improve our brand's reputation, and create unmatched digital experiences, reiterating our commitment to meeting customers' needs by offering exclusive products in both the physical and digital worlds.”

“After launching a Christofle NFT in May 2022, offering a game on The Sandbox season 3, giving very soon the possibility to pay in crypto currency on Christofle.com, we continue to explore new opportunities for Christofle to engage younger generations. Innovation and inclusion are at the heart of Christofle's values. What better way to reach out and engage

with a diverse community. It's a new way of expressing Christofle's codes and DNA, and we worked with the Boltable studio with the aim of being creative and relevant.” Commented Emilie Metge, CEO (President) of Christofle

In addition to its renowned Studio Christofle creations, the House collaborates with leading contemporary designers to produce ambitious and modern pieces in its workshop. As the absolute reference worldwide, Christofle seamlessly combines heritage and modernity, embodying the complex yet universal concept of "The Art on the table."

Christofle’s gaming wearables collection is currently available for members on Roblox’s official platform : https://www.roblox.com/ .

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