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    Level shoes - from the uae to the world

    Sun, Dec, 05, 2021

The extraordinary journey of much-loved, luxury homegrown brand from the house of Chalhoub Group, Level Shoes is redefining footwear shopping through meaningful human experiences and imaginative storytelling. Since its inception a decade ago, Level Shoes has gone from strength-to strength with a sharp focus on shifting consumer preferences. As a fitting ode to the UAE and the GCC, Level Shoes is all about celebrating the spirit of the region with eyes firmly cast on global trends.   


As Level Shoes inches close to its 10th anniversary, Group President Patrick Chalhoub says, “A decade ago we conceptualized a brand with a regional core and a global spirit. Today when we look back on the incredible journey of Level Shoes, we are filled with pride by the way the brand has exceeded our promises. Always on-trend in offerings and perceptive about shifting demands, Level Shoes has continued to be a destination of choice for our local consumers, while Engaging our global audience.” 

What’s more, aligned with the recent dramatic shifts in shopping behaviour, Level Shoes has further delighted customers with its promise of 90-minute doorstep delivery in the UAE.

More than just a sum of the brands

Beautifully complementing the largest and most exclusive collection of luxury footwear and world-class services, it’s the diverse team of people at Level Shoes who breathe life to the destination. Their understated hospitality, in-depth knowledge and natural ability to delight customers are second to none. Their creativity and flair at storytelling and inclusiveness in cultural understanding truly elevates Level Shoes as a world leading footwear destination.

Over the years, the brand has celebrated its diverse, passionate, and empowered people and talented artists through unique campaigns ranging from ‘Level Takes Over Milan’ to ‘Next Level Runway’. Staying true to its promise, Level Shoes has time and again acknowledged the true identity of its own talents by bringing them under the spotlight. All set to elevate the experience further, Level Shoes is now gearing up for yet another exquisite display of regional artistic excellence through a breathtaking showcase of creativity. After all, beyond brands and products its these people who have built a strong community of local and global footwear enthusiasts at Level Shoes who are conscious and discerning.

People are at the heart of everything that the brand does! Its multicultural, multilingual, and multi-talented team of 200 – beautifully showcasing the UAE’s diversity – are energetic, passionate and enthusiastic to create the most extraordinary human experiences, every single day. Its Marketing team includes 100% GCC nationals, and every team include one Emirati from the Group’s Emirati Graduate Program. Importantly, the brand stands for women empowerment with 67% women in leadership roles 

“Level shoes is filled with as many opportunities as it is filled with shoes. It’s a brand where local, regional and global brands beautifully mingle, maintaining a localised tone while effortlessly offering a global flavour,” said Marwa Alyassi, Senior Marketing Executive, Level Shoes. “It’s truly empowering to be working alongside such a strong, and inclusive team, and having a great support system that helps bring our brand’s vision to life.”

A brand with a purpose that shines light on regional talents

“Being a homegrown brand from the house of Chalhoub Group, a pioneering name in the luxury space in the Middle East, we are ever-keen to shine the light on local and regional designers. We want to showcase their unique knowledge of the local nuances that helps us to curate meaningful experiences fit for the trendy, fashionable and young Middle Eastern audience. Through Level Shoes we are offering over 12 regional Brands a platform to showcase their creations rubbing shoulders with the global bests in footwear. And through such collaborations we lead trends with unique creations that also resonate with our global visitors. Our goal is to stand out as ‘the’ inspiring space and collaborative hub that constantly delights customers from everywhere,” said Elisa Bruno, General Manager, Level Shoes.

Taking hybrid to the next level

Discerning about local habits and attentive to global shopping trends, a true hallmark of Dubai and the UAE, Level Shoes is on a perpetual innovation journey. As such, Level Shoes further elevated its hybrid shopping experience with the launch of a new mobile app last year.

Along with the UAE, the app can be accessed in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. As the GCC witnessed 10x rise in online shopping over the past 18 months, the app comes at the right time with the right engagement with customers who are ever more digitally connected  enthusiastic about services, human connections and personalisation.

With a rising number of customers shopping online in Saudi Arabia, Level Shoes was keen to make their experience seamless too by opening its doors in the Kingdom. In October 2021, Level Shoes opened within ‘A Concept by MUSE’, a highly anticipated next gen retail destination in Riyadh Park.

A curator of unparalleled experiences

Spread across a sprawling 97,000 square feet when Level Shoes opened at the heart of The Dubai Mall in 2012 it almost instantly set a record as the globally largest luxury footwear destination and synonymous with self-indulgence. It can well be called a ‘footwear district’. From the latest and best in footwear from 200-plus brands, five multi-brand areas and 23 designer boutiques Level Shoes offers an unparalleled choice.

A space that exudes dynamism through outstanding curation, futuristic innovation and creative flair, it’s a fitting tribute to Dubai renowned for world-class experiences.

Built on a promise to stoke personal expression and help guests ‘stand out’ Level Shoes takes bespoke to the next level through its ‘Personalisation Hub’. From adding personal touches to a regular footwear or creating your own limited-edition shoe, Level Shoes’ Personalisation Hub is all about adding a unique touch to every footwear. Alongside quick makeovers and massive transformations, the Personalisation Hub encourages a sustainable lifestyle by revamping and repurposing footwear and accessories giving them new life.

Chalhoub Group strongly believes that every homegrown brand, irrespective of their size or nature, is a glowing representation of the home country. In that sense, the avant-garde and diverse nature of Level Shoes – through its people, creators, and brands – is a tribute to Dubai, the UAE’s diversity and innovation, and regional talents and trendy customers.

On that note, on behalf of Level Shoes and Chalhoub Group team we wish everyone in the UAE a Happy Jubilee and Glorious Next 50.

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