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    Meet the new level shoes marketing team

    Sat, Jan, 22, 2022
Extensive knowledge, education, and creativity encapsulate the backbone of the new, devoted Level Shoes Marketing team which constantly work behind the scenes to provide the best marketing frameworks for the region.
Starting as an Emirati Graduate Programme (EGP) member, Marwa AlYassi joined the Tory Burch marketing team and went on to join the Level Shoes team to build a Gulf-based, all-female marketing team that led to some of the brands' most successful regional activations.

Marwa is now joined by Saudi Ghada Alhedeithy and Emirati- Palestinian Heba Alsawalhi to make up the Level Shoes Marketing team.

“It is truly empowering to work alongside such solid leadership and to have a great support system that invests in its people," Marwa says.

The team began highlighting local celebrations including Emirati Women’s Day — an event catered by Emirati women to celebrate Emirati women. For Saudi National Day, the team collaborated with a young Saudi artist, focusing on Saudi talent. More recently, they teamed up with artist Rami Afifi to create exclusive artwork at Dubai EXPO2020 for Level Shoes.

Ghada Alhedeithy, born and raised in London and moved to the UAE at the age of 10, mentions: "For many outsiders, the region tends to be painted with one large brush, yet what makes this team harmonise, is our insights of the region instead of labeling the entire GCC as one customer." 

The Level Shoes Marketing team is a great example of the Group’s focus on building an inclusive environment, our efforts in nationalisation and shows what collaboration is all about- between local and international talents, across different functions and around the region. The team is building stronger relationships and has found new ways to delight our customers… and this is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for what’s to come!
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